Complete Guide to the Custom Iron Door Process

Iron Door Process

Complete Guide to the Custom Iron Door Process

Creating a new custom iron door is a rather large task. It starts with the drawing and design and then moves onto the actual creation and installation of the door. It’s rather expensive to take on this process on your own unless you’re an experienced blacksmith.

The actual process of creating a custom iron door includes boiling down and heating raw materials, and then using tools to shape those materials into formation. If you’re considering a custom iron door for your home, it’s best to understand the process.

Drawing & Design

It all starts with an idea. When you have an idea for your entryway door and you cannot find the right stock iron door, it’s time to look into a custom iron door.

Putting your idea to paper and drawing it, is the first step to bringing your custom iron door to life. once you have a drawing and you the proper dimensions for the entryway, a rough drawing can be turned into an actual design. 

The design will include the necessary detail for the door’s creation and installation. It will basically provide the blueprints for your new door.


After your door has been designed and created, it’s time for installation. The door will be crated to protect it during the shipping process and it will be rather heavy. Having a professional uncrate and install your custom iron door is the best option.

The process to install a custom iron doors includes installing the doorjamb, making sure the door is level with the ground, and installing the actual custom iron door. The windows of the door will need to be removed and every piece will need to be installed property with minor adjustments made to ensure the door not only look amazing but also functions properly.

Once the actual door has been installed, the windows need to be lifted into place. They will also need to be secured and latched closed. 

At SunCoast Iron Doors, we provide professional installers working up to the exact standards of the manufacturer. The installation will happen without issue as our installers will unload, uncrate, and professionally install your custom iron door without making mistakes. We even clean up any mess created during the process.

Full-Service Custom Iron Door Option

When you’re ready to design, create, and install a custom iron door, you need the right partner to bring your vision to life. SunCoast Iron Doors works hard to ensure you get the exact iron door you desire. While we carry several stock iron doors, we can also custom create an iron door to fit your specific needs and desires.

As you go through the custom iron door process, you’ll get to choose from a large selection of glass, finish, and hardware options to create a rather unique door for your entryway. Your iron door doesn’t have to look like your neighbor’s door. With our full-service custom iron door process, you’ll be able to get the perfect door for your entryway without all the hassle.

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