How an Iron Door can Add Uniqueness to Your Wine Cellar

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How an Iron Door can Add Uniqueness to Your Wine Cellar

What better way to design a beautiful wine cellar than to add an iron door to it? Wine cellars are already wonderful additions to any home, but adding the right special touches can bring it up a notch in aesthetic, charm, and function. 

An iron door is one way to bring uniqueness to your wine cellar give it a dreamy look, a secure entry, and even the right fit to help with your climate control. Take a look at the ways you can design your wine cellar with this unique door. 

Show off your wines

One of the cool things about choosing an iron door for the wine cellar is that you’ll get a beauty entrance to your cellar that also allows you to already see inside the room. Before you’ve entered the room, you can already show off your amazing wine collection while keeping them locked up when not in use. 

An iron door is a great way to bring both an aesthetic appeal to your cellar entry while allowing yourself and guests to see through the ornate design of the door into the cellar full of your amazing collections of reds, whites, and other favorites. 

Climate control is important

Not all wine cellars are made equal and today they are becoming more common to put together in a space you already have in your home. Traditionally they would have been carved out underground for someone wanting to own one because you wouldn’t have to worry about climate fluctuations and it would keep things cooler. 

If you are using a space you already have, you need to be aware of temperature control. Beware of humidity and weather conditions in the materials you choose for your cellar. You may like the rustic look of wood, but this wouldn’t mix well in humidity. Consider how humidity will expand quickly and how you may need to artificially manage your wine cellar’s climate keeping it tightly in control. You can easily add weather stripping around doors and seal off the space as best as possible. 

Custom-fit door

Once you’ve chosen the cellar location, considered climate, and decided on your iron door, you’ll want to ensure you get a custom fit door. This will help keep things airtight. More than likely a standard door is not going to fit in the space and you’ll need a customized fit. 

The iron door could be measured to fit the space, while also giving you a huge variety of shapes, décor, and inserts since they are so moldable. You can really customize the space to fit your sense of style and personalizations. 

Make it two doors

You don’t have to just have one wine cellar door. You can choose two wine cellar iron doors with the right space. Wine cellars are a great place to feel free to dream and open-minded compared to the rest of your home where you may feel less likely to take a risk. Bringing in a double-door design would give you one inner door to help with climate control and the outer door for security and aesthetic appeal. 

Use your wine cellar as a place to be creative, even if you are just going to convert a bedroom or basement into this dreamy space. Adding that wrought iron door into the design will make you feel and know that you are entering a truly special space. 

These are some of the reasons that an iron door will add a special touch to your wine cellar. 

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