How to Preserve Your Steel Doors and Windows

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How to Preserve Your Steel Doors and Windows

Steel doors and windows offer homeowners an elegant luxury option, as their durability and energy efficiency provide long-term value to your investment.

Staying on top of regular cleanings will keep your steel doors and windows in top shape over time while keeping a log will enable you to identify any more serious problems so they can be addressed immediately. Here are some of the things you can do to better preserve your steel doors and windows.


Paint maintenance for powder-coated steel doors and windows or any type of steel window is essential in preserving their lifespan and adding beauty to your home. A quality coat of paint protects steel against coming into direct contact with moisture in the air that could lead to rusting. A top coat will both protect its longevity as well as create an aesthetic exterior finish for your property.

Before painting, always review the manufacturer’s recommendations and warranty in order to avoid invalidating your product’s coverage. If possible, opt for acrylic latex exterior paint as this type expands and contracts as temperature fluctuate throughout the year, helping avoid cracking or peeling issues.

Start by taking steps to remove all hardware from steel doors and windows, such as lock strike plates, doorknockers, kick plates, and hinges. Next, use a mild cleaner to scrub away dirt or grease buildup on both surfaces using circular motions in any areas that appear particularly dirty or oily.


Steel windows and doors boast exceptional resistance against adverse weather conditions, intrusions, wear-and-tear, energy efficiency compared to other materials, as well as superior energy savings compared to others. Unfortunately, however, steel is not indestructible, thus needing some form of maintenance in order to remain functional and in good condition.

Regularly cleaning steel doors with non-toxic cleaner and a soft brush/towel will help to avoid buildups of dust, dirt, and grime that can lead to moisture penetration and corrosion. Also important is using soft brushes/towels so as not to scratch powder coating surfaces that protect metal against water entering via seepage channels and leakages.

Weatherstripping products for door and window weatherproofing come in various forms, from foam tape and tubular rubber strips to metal tension seals and tension seals with foam rubber. Foam and rubber products tend to be less costly but must be changed often while tubular rubber may outlive its competitors with its longer life and higher cost.


Steel doors do not need to be kept spotlessly clean in order to extend their lifespan and durability, however. Cleaning them is easy with regular soap and water as well as soft cloth or sponge cleaning techniques.

Avoid using a pressure washer on steel surfaces as this could damage their powder coating. Furthermore, regular lubrication will ensure smooth functioning.


Steel doors and windows are an increasingly popular choice among both homeowners and businesses, as they provide durability, energy efficiency, and increased security. Unfortunately, however, they can become susceptible to rust and corrosion if left without proper care and attention.

One effective method of protecting an exterior metal door is applying a protective coat of wax or oil similar to what car owners would do when waxing their cars – once every year is ideal to prevent moisture from reaching the steel and causing it to rust.

Use these tips to better preserve your steel doors and steel windows so that they will last for a very long time.

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