Iron Doors and Florida Hurricanes: Tested for Your Safety

Iron Doors and Florida Hurricanes: Tested for Your Safety

If you live in Florida and have for more than just a few days, you probably know what a hurricane can do. Some come and go without much more than just dumping a bunch of water on the state and knocking down a few power lines. Others completely destroy cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Living in the great state of Florida means you have to prepare for hurricanes. When it’s time for a new entryway door, an iron door is up for the task. The right iron door has been tested to withstand high winds, flying debris, and more. This can help protect your home and your family during a Florida hurricane.

Stylish and Strong

The right iron doors don’t have to look like something you won’t love. A stylish iron door that has been properly tested for hurricanes can look amazing. These doors come with stylish accents, custom options, and many features to add to your home’s architecture. The best iron doors in the country not only look great but also protect you during a Florida hurricane.

Reduce the Risk of a Severe Weather Incident

When you want to make sure your home and family are fully protected, the right hurricane impact iron door is necessary. This type of door has been rated to drastically reduce any risk of a severe weather incident harming you or your home. With the right custom wrought iron door, you will have the protection you need.

Iron doors are rated based on what they can withstand. The best iron doors for Florida hurricanes have been rigorously tested. They can withstand winds of 170 mph and incredible pressure. These doors even feature glass that has been impact tested to withstand flying debris.


You can customize your iron door to fit your style and your home. With many different glass options and hardware options, you can make your entry door stand out or blend in. Modern finishes and colors make it even easier to customize your door to fit the exterior structure of your home.

Even the sizing can be customized, if necessary. Doors come in standard sizes and custom fits to ensure your entryway is as secure as possible.

More than Just Hurricane Protection

While an iron door rated for Florida hurricanes certainly provides protection during a storm, they do even more. These iron doors offer burglar protection, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and a beautiful option for your entryway.

Criminals think twice when you have an iron door. They are harder to break into than other types of doors. Often, they will skip over your home due to the difficulty of getting in through your iron door.

This type of door also helps to improve your home’s energy efficiency. They are well insulated and reduce air seepage.

Whether you live on the coast of Florida or inland, the right iron door can help protect you during a hurricane. It’s only a matter of time before you will experience the howling winds and the incredible rain. Why not have an entry door that can withstand the storm and help protect your family?

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