Simple Dos and Don’ts of Repainting a Wrought Iron Door

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Simple Dos and Don’ts of Repainting a Wrought Iron Door

You’re ready to repaint your wrought iron door, but you’re not sure how. There are some things you want to do and some things you don’t want to do as they could damage the door. Let’s look at some of the simple dos and don’ts of repainting a wrought iron door.

The Dos of Repainting a Wrought Iron Door

1. Remove the Door

The best thing you can do is remove the door, if possible, to paint it. This will make it much easier to paint and you’ll be able to do the job correctly.

When the door is removed, you can properly clean the metal and apply a primer. This can be hard to do without removing the door, especially with the screen still in the door. 

2. Remove Any Rust from the Door

You want to inspect the door and remove any rust. This can be done with sandpaper. Make sure to wear protective glasses as particles can get into your eyes and cause issues. It’s best to wear glasses, a mask, and gloves during this part of the process.

If sandpaper won’t remove the rust, a steel brush or steel wool is a good option.

3. Remove Old Paint

Along with rust, you’ll want to remove the old paint to do the job properly. You can do this by using sandpaper to scuff off all the old paint. 

4. Clean the Door

Use mineral spirits to wash the door before painting. This will help to remove any residue from the door before you paint it.

5. Use Primer

When painting wrought iron, you need a protective coat of metal primer. This is easy to find and apply. 

6. Use Paint Made for Wrought Iron

You want to make sure you use the right paint made for wrought iron. If you use the wrong paint, it may not stick properly or it could chip off very quickly.

The Don’ts of Repainting a Wrought Iron Door

1. Remove the Door Alone

Wrought iron doors are heavy and they can be difficult to remove alone. Make sure you have adequate help to ensure you don’t end up hurt while removing the door.

2. Paint over the Old Paint

When you don’t remove the old paint, you won’t have the proper surface for priming or for the new paint. If you try to paint over the old paint, the door won’t look nearly as good and you will likely not be very happy with the finished product.

3. Forget to Rinse

After washing the door with mineral spirits, you want to make sure you rinse the door with water. This will remove any mineral spirits that could keep the paint from being absorbed. 

4. Paint Before the Primer is Dry

It’s best to let the primer dry for at least 24 hours. If you try to paint before it’s dry, the primer will mix with the pain and the results will be less than desirable.

Use these dos and don’ts for better results when you paint your wrought iron door.

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