Tips to Secure Iron Doors with Glass Panels

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Tips to Secure Iron Doors with Glass Panels

When you install an iron door with glass panels, you want to make sure you can properly secure it. There are a few great ways to make sure your door becomes secure. Let’s look at some of the best ways to secure an iron door with glass panels.

Top 5 Tips for Securing Iron Doors with Glass Panels

1. Use the Right Deadbolt

One of the common dangers of any door with glass panels is the glass can be broken by a thief. Then, they can reach in and simply unlock the door.

An iron door with glass panels doesn’t have to have this issue, with the right type of deadbolt. If you have a double-cylinder deadbolt, this concern goes away pretty quickly. This type of deadbolt requires a key to unlock and to lock it. Nobody can break the glass, reach through, and simply turn the lock to open the door.

2. Use Security Film

Another option is to use security film on the glass. This can help to ensure the glass cannot be broken and shattered all over the floor. Security film will keep the glass in the door and it won’t be shattered like it can be without security film.

Glass security film is made of polyester and will allow the glass to work like a car windshield. If it shutters, the glass will stan in place. Not only does this type of film work great to keep out criminals, but it can also work well in hurricanes, too.

3. Install a Security System

While it doesn’t actually impact the door so much, a security system can watch your iron door for you. You can even add a glass break sensor. This type of sensor will trip the alarm whenever glass is broken, such as the glass panel in your iron door.

With a security system, you can have a camera watching the door, too. There are many options to help gain better security when you choose to install a security system.

4. Use a Security Bar

While it’s not always the first choice, a security bar can be installed on the outside of the door for added security. These barks will make it so that if someone does break the glass, they still cannot get the door to open.

5. Get a High-Quality Iron Door

When you choose a high-quality iron door from a reputable maker, you won’t have nearly as much to worry about. They will know how to make sure you get the most secure door possible. A custom design can also help to ensure you have a door that can withstand the abuse a criminal might put it through.

If you choose the right provider, such as Suncoast Iron Doors, you’ll get an iron door burglars will think twice about even attempting to break into. This type of door can offer a very secure front entrance to your home. The custom design can fit your home just right and there are many security features you can use to make sure your home is even harder to break into.

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