What are the Advantages of Using an Iron Entry Door?

Custom Iron Doors Benefits

What are the Advantages of Using an Iron Entry Door?

Adding an iron entry door to your property comes with plenty of advantages. Whether you choose a custom or stock iron door from SunCoast Iron Doors, you’ll be able to benefit in many ways. Let’s look at the top advantages of installing an iron entry door.

Better Security

An iron door offers many security advantages for your home. It’s harder to break into, which helps to discourage thieves from even trying. 

Designs with wrought iron and thick glass tend to be the best as they are even harder to get into. While iron doors are certainly not indestructible, they are very sturdy and very heavy. These doors are hard to trespass and many criminals won’t even attempt to break into a home with a big iron door.

Added Prestige

Iron doors offer a look and feel of prestige. Whether you choose a beautiful stock iron door or design a custom iron door for your home, it will make your home look more prestigious. 

Wrought Iron Doors specifically, come with a feeling of prestige. the classic design offers an elegant option for your home with plenty of ornamentation. It reminds most people of museums, palaces, government buildings, and mansions. 

Incredible Durability

While iron doors may not last forever, they do last for a very long time. It’s not uncommon for homes featuring iron doors to have the same door for many years.  Those quality materials provide durability which allow each unit to be refreshed time and again.

Iron doors are made from high-grade materials and they are very thick. They tend to stand up to the elements very well and most iron doors will last much longer than a standard wooden or glass door.

Home Value Increase

Since iron doors add to both the curb appeal and the security, it will help increase the value of your home. A beautiful iron door can be a selling point for new buyers and can also help to make your home look more expensive. It’s very impressive to home buyers, which means they may be willing to spend more on your home.

Letting in the Light

While many front door designs will let in some natural light, iron doors tend to offer a way to let in even more natural light. When your home provides plenty of natural light, it will feel warmer and more expansive. 

Plenty of doors can feature glass, but iron doors feature opening windows, which can let in the fresh air and the light. You can even add a transom or sidelights to enjoy even more natural light in the entryway of your home.

Choosing an iron entry door offers plenty of advantages. When it’s professionally installed and matched to the style of your home, you’ll be able to create a beautiful entryway with plenty of benefits from security to letting in more natural light. 

If you’re considering adding a custom or stock iron door to your property, SunCoast Iron Doors is ready to help. We offer a wide selection of options and we can even help you throughout the entire custom iron door design and installation process.

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