What it Takes to Install Custom Iron Doors

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What it Takes to Install Custom Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors boast a timeless beauty unmatched by any other material, as well as being highly durable and easy to maintain over the years. One of the key steps in installing custom iron doors is taking accurate doorway measurements. Here is what to expect with the installation of a custom iron door.


Iron doors make an elegant statement about your property’s curb appeal and value, and require less maintenance to remain beautiful and functional than prefabricated wooden front doors.

Before installing your custom iron door, the frame must first be prepared by cleaning and sanding; this will remove any rust that has built up on it and allow the primer and paint to adhere more thoroughly.

Another key consideration when purchasing an iron door is choosing whether it should open from the left or right side. The decision depends on the style of home you live in; if yours has a modern aesthetic, a sleek design with minimal glasswork would likely be best; for older-style houses with more traditional features, intricate glasswork may be more fitting.

Frame Installation

Custom iron doors are only as durable as the frames they’re installed into, so if the framing is weak, then they could experience unwanted movement upon installation – potentially compromising both themselves and your home in the process.

To avoid these complications, be sure that your door installation team is both BBB-rated and highly accredited. In addition, consider working with a company offering customizable options rather than stock styles; this will guarantee that your iron front door stands out from its peers and doesn’t look similar.

Installing an iron door requires that the rough opening be 1 inch wider and taller than the outside measurements of its frame (jamb). Furthermore, its floor must also be level; sometimes this requires some shimming for optimal results. Otherwise, water or air leakage could occur around your home’s perimeter due to improperly closing doors.

Glass Installation

Glass elements on custom iron doors bring natural light into your home, brightening and welcoming the atmosphere inside. Furthermore, energy-efficient designs such as insulation and seals that prevent air leakage save money on utility bills while giving the appearance of energy efficiency.

Before unboxing the glass panels, take great care not to damage them. After this step is completed, it is time to install door slabs and frames in a rough opening – this should be performed by two installers as the weight and complexity of an iron door can cause serious damage if handled incorrectly. Likewise, be sure that left and right mounting tabs are secure to ensure the long-term success of the installation.

Hinge Installation

In order for your iron door to operate smoothly, its hinges need to be securely attached. To do this, trace around its shape on both the door and frame using a pencil and make sure they match. 

Once your outlines have been marked, use a utility knife to cut along them into the wood using an exacto knife. This will prevent your hinge from warping over time or becoming crooked over time. Be mindful not to cut too deeply as that would force it too deeply into its mortise and cause friction every time the door opens or closes.

Create narrow pilot holes using a drill in each location you marked on the jamb and door hinge outlines, drilling slowly before lightly tapping with a hammer to avoid chipping away too much wood around each hole.

Of course, you can have your custom iron door installed by the professionals at SunCoast Iron Doors. Our professionals will make sure you get a mistake-free installation you can count on.

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