What to Know About Your Door Hardware Options?

Steel Door Handles

What to Know About Your Door Hardware Options?

Customizing your entryway door to fit the look of your home means you need the right door hardware. Iron doors offer multiple customization options including the hardware. When you’re ready to make your door look the way you prefer, choosing the best hardware will help finish the look.

There are many different options to choose from. Some will match your door and blend in a bit, while others will stand out. No matter the type of look you’re after, the right door hardware will provide it.

Decorative Push/Pull Handles

One of the options is the push/pull handle. This type of handle will allow you to simply push and pull on the handle to close and open the door. It will feature a deadbolt for locking. These handles tend to be the same finish as the door and they are made of solid steel. They will look identical on the interior and the exterior of the door.

You can choose from many different styles including the basket, collar, Twisted, or U shape. If you’re looking for a classic look for your door hardware, a push/pull handle might be the perfect option.

Thumb Latch Handlesets

Another option is the thumb latch handlesets. These come in a variety of options, some more ornate and others rather standard. They offer a classic look and design. When you push down on the thumb latch, the door will unlock and you can pull it or push it open.

You can get these door handles in satin nickel, aged bronze, or black. They come both left and right-handed. This traditional locking option offers a classic look that fits with many doors. The finish will last a very long time and it will still include a deadbolt lock.

Is it Possible to Use My Own Hardware?

When you want to customize your iron door and we don’t offer the hardware you want, we can work with you. There are many different options for door hardware and your door can be made to fit many different types. If you have a specific custom door handle you want to use, we can have your door prepped for it, as long as it makes sense with an iron door.

You will want to consult with us before choosing door hardware outside of the options we offer. In some cases, we can offer customized door hardware specifically for you. In other cases, we can let you know if the door hardware you prefer will work with the door you have chosen.

We also offer a variety of door hardware options for our other doors, such as our Urban Series. You can choose from a set of modern door hardware options when it comes to this type of door.

When it comes to choosing the right door hardware for your iron door, it’s a big decision. The hardware will add to the look of the door. It can be ornate, elegant, luxurious, or simply match the door perfectly. The choice is yours and we are here to help you choose the right door hardware options for your new custom iron door.

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