Why Wrought Iron is a Great Material for Doors

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Why Wrought Iron is a Great Material for Doors

It’s time to replace your front door and you’re not sure which type of door to choose. There are several options including wood, steel, glass, and iron. 

When you’re ready to replace your door, choosing a wrought iron door offers one of the best door materials you will find. There are several benefits of these types of doors. Let’s look at a few of the reasons why wrought iron is such a great material for doors.


Compared to glass, steel, and wood, wrought iron is far more durable. The high-grade material offers a very thick and strong door with the ability to stand up to natural disasters and intruders. 

An investment in an iron door from Suncoast means you’ll have the door for many years into the future. These doors last for a very long time, some even last an entire lifetime. Your iron door won’t become damaged due to wind, ice, rain, or heat like some doors might.


If you’re looking to boost your home security, a wrought iron door is the right choice. These doors are the hardest to get past on the market and withstand break-ins with easy. Many burglars will think twice as soon as they see a wrought iron door due to the difficulty of breaking past the door.

The look of wrought iron communicates security. Your home will look fortified and burglars tend to choose quick paths with less resistance than an iron door.

Many of these doors include decorative millwork making is very difficult to reach through the door. This is an added security feature, along with the fact that wrought iron is also fireproof and cannot be broken through with a battering ram. 

Let In the Light

While durability and security are incredibly important, letting natural light into your home is also important. Compared to doors without any glass, wrought iron doors let in more natural light. Even doors offering some glass won’t let in as much light as a door made of wrought iron.


When you choose wrought iron for your entry door, it’s a sign of prestige. The elegance of this style of door will add to your home is unbeatable. Your front door will communicate a message of success, prestige, and classic elegance.

An Instant Transformation

There isn’t an easier way to instantly transform the exterior of your home. With a wrought iron door, you’ll upgrade your home to look luxurious the moment the new door is installed. 

Low Maintenance

The best part about using wrought iron for entry doors is the low maintenance quality of this material.  Taking care of your door can be as simple as washing your car.  Please see our care and maintenance manual for our recommended practices.

When considering your options for a new entry door, Suncoast Iron Doors will be happy to answer any questions you might have about wrought iron. We have a full line of custom iron doors to choose from and we can help you understand the many reasons wrought iron makes a great material for entry doors.

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