Florida Hurricane Rated

All products have been tested for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), this includes Miami-Dade, Broward, and portions of Palm Beach Counties. Buildings must be designed based on design wind speeds, the greatest wind speeds in the United States are found in these areas. The test protocols below have been developed specifically for the HVHZ.

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TAS 201-94 Impact Test Procedures

Test specimens were impacted with a 9 lb 2X4 traveling at 50ft per second (Missile Level D). Each specimen is impacted at specific locations to replicate the dangers of wind borne debris in the event of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

TAS 202-94 Criteria for Testing Impact & Nonimpact Resistant Building Envelope Components Using Uniform Static Air Pressure

Test specimens were tested for a design pressure of +/- 70 PSF. In this test, specimens must be tested to 1.5 times the design pressure, that’s +/- 105 PSF, this is typically referred to as the “Structural Test Pressure”.

TAS 203-94 Criteria for Testing Products Subject to Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading

This test procedure is to replicate hurricane force winds in which a door or window experiences repeated wind loads. The test specimens are subject to 4,500 cycles of wind load in the positive direction and 4,500 cycles of wind load in the negative direction at varying loads.