Decatur Iron Doors


At Suncoast Iron Doors, we provide a huge variety of options when you’re seeking a custom or stock iron door in Decatur, AL. We sell, install, and service top quality iron doors and our high customer satisfaction rating backs up our great reputation. Our partnership with Palm City Iron Works allows us to provide the very best iron doors on the market for your home.


We work with all types of clients from homeowners to production builders to luxury home builders. Our wide variety of iron doors makes it easy for us to match the right custom or stock iron door with your home in Decatur. Whether you’re in charge of developing an entire sub-division or you want a door for your own entryway, we are ready to help find the perfect iron door for your needs.


Our Decatur Iron Door Products


Deciding to go with Suncoast Iron Doors means you’ll have many options to choose from. We offer a variety of product lines including:



Along with choosing the right iron door, you’ll be able to further customize your purchase with many glass and hardware options.


When you decide one of the doors from our Milano Steel Door collection fits best for your home, you’ll gain a touch of elegance. Our Urban Series doors will provide a more modern look and fit well for contemporary properties. Those seeking an old-world, more classic look will love the Wrought Iron Door collection.


We also provide a full line of Wine Doors and Iron Gates for your wine cellar or property entrance. No matter the custom or stock iron door you desire, we’re here to help match your property with the perfect design.


Our Iron Doors in Decatur


Located in both Limestone and Morgan counties, Decatur, AL is known as The River City. It’s found on the banks of Wheeler Lake and along the Tennessee River. Decatur is found at the core of a large metropolitan area in Alabama and offers a rich history.


It’s also a tourist destination due to the Alabama Jubilee, which is the oldest balloon race in the country. In addition, the city is known for the Spirit of America Festival and the Rocking Horse World Celebration.


At Suncoast Iron Doors, we provide custom and stock iron doors throughout Decatur, AL and the surrounding area. We serve many communities throughout the area including Moulton Heights, Austinville, Mooresville, Priceville, Trinity, and Basham.


When it’s time to upgrade your entryway and you need a new iron door in Decatur, our team of experts is ready to serve you. We will help you find the perfect door and make sure it gets properly installed. Call us today and discover how we can ensure you love your new iron door.